John Lang predicted his own death in chilling Facebook Posts.

John Lang, an anti-corruption activist who wrote chilling posts online predicting his death has been found dead.

In the days cheap nfl jerseys leading up to his death, the activist contacted several news outlets claiming that ‘corrupt cops’ were going to try and kill him.


He also wrote several cryptic messages on his Facebook page, and uploaded video footage of ‘suspicious’ vans outside his home.

Lang was not just keeping track of these events via Facebook, he was also documenting it on YouTube. The video Lang included was from the account of Lang Marine and he had 17 videos uploaded to the channel showing various forms of harassment from the police over the space of the last 10 months. The footage came February from Lang’s home surveillance cameras that were placed outside his home in Fresno.

Some of the videos are seemingly innocent and merely lean toward Lang perhaps being paranoid – but in the wake of his murder can we really blame this on paranoia? It seems he had a very good reason to be paranoid after all.


More details really were posted on John Langs’ Facebook page.

Firefighters were called to his home grandes in Fresno 2 days after his suspicious messages were posted online, after his neighbours raised the alarm when they discovered smoke pouring from his home in the late afternoon – he was discovered in a pool of his own blood having been stabbed to death, and his home had also been set on fire, to destroy the evidence, perhaps? Investigators found the death to be of a suspicious nature and believe his home had been intentionally set alight.

In 2015, John Lang registered several domain names consisting of an online diary of sorts that were somehow mysteriously deleted around the time of his death…

Rest in peace, Mr Lang.

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