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Trashy People Are Not Ready For Freedom

After so long in national lockdown, we demonstrate just how we can’t be trusted to act responsibly.

Leeds Hyde Park Trash Hottest March Day 2021, courtesy of BBC News
Leeds Hyde Park Trash Hottest March Day 2021, courtesy of BBC News

This week the UK enjoyed the hottest day in March since 1968 and as the British public flocked to enjoy the sun at some of our treasured hotspots, they demonstrated exactly why they’re not ready.

The national newspapers and online news sites were quick to show how the British public continue to show complete disregard for our beauty spots, leaving parks and beaches covered in litter and trash floating in the waves of the sea.

How many documentaries need to be released showing us the damage done to wildlife when our rubbish is carelessly discarded? Where is the self respect of anybody that in the 21st century, thinks it’s okay not to clean up after themselves in a public area?

The real trash seems to be society.

Is it possible that we’ve been brought up in such a way that we leave the task of cleaning up to someone else? There’s even someone in McDonalds that will put your trash in the bin for you if you leave it, but are you the kind of person that does that, and do you think that’s okay? Not me.

We’ve seen this a number of times now, it wasn’t okay then and it especially is not okay now.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has not come to an end and it was only days before now that the Prime Minister warned everyone not to be complacent.

Now, however, there’s food packaging, straws, drinks bottles and bags, all which have been handled by someone, had their lips around them, been breathed on and now they’re left for someone else to clean up.

Likely infected piles of trash.

There are clearly a lot of people that have a lot of growing up to do before they should be allowed back into society, there’s no excuses for this.

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