Why has Ant Middleton axed from hit SAS TV show?!

But the man who can, will not be held him back from success.

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Notorious British hard man, Ant Middleton from the hit TV show ‘SAS – Who Dares Wins’ has been publicly opinionated the Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter and far-right protesters and now he has paid the price.

Producers of the show have adopted the stance that his opinions do not represent their own beliefs and as such decided to terminate his contract. It’s a decision which will likely have consequences on the number of viewers of the show, as Ant Middleton was very much the face of the production.

Ant has claimed to be ‘an honest voice’ and is well known for being very direct and not one to mince his words.

He has been made to apologise for his online posts regarding the Coronavirus, BLM and far-right protesters in the past, but has since vowed to continue to speak out about what he believes in.

He’s quoted as saying;

“The moment you go out there and think you are someone else, that’s when you start to lose yourself.

“Sometimes I get it wrong, but I would rather do that and learn as I go.”

“My brutal honesty has sometimes put me in a negative situation but I have to churn this negativity into positivity.”

His tweet following the BLM protests in London, where a torrent of vandalism and taking down of statues ensued, said “The extreme left against the extreme right. BLM and EDL are not welcome on our streets, absolute scum. What a great example you are to your future generation. Bravo.”

The violence he saw at the time of this protest is said to have upset him so much that he felt he had to speak out. He went on to say;

“It was the protesters fighting and violence and rioting in broad daylight.”

“Everything I fought for abroad to stop happening on our shores.”

“And if you look at some of those videos, we are talking extreme violence. You can see knives.”

“I found it very disturbing. The way that people are going around and getting their message out at the moment, I don’t think it is right. It is just happening in broad daylight, in front of children.

“I know what violence and aggression does. I know how damaging, how punishing it can be.”

His tweet regarding the violence led to him being forced to step down as The Royal Navy‘s Chief Cadet, a role he was particularly proud of.

Speaking of the military, he said;

“The military have their agenda and they are maybe getting a little bit too sensitive nowadays.

“It is no skin off my nose. I wanted to do it for the children, I was doing it voluntarily and I raised some good funds for them.

“But those funds can go to someone else. I can put my time towards someone else that appreciates it.”

A promotional picture for the TV show 'SAS Who Dares Wins' featuring five of the shows cast

Now 40 years old, Ant confesses

“After five years on the show it just felt like I had achieved everything I could with the format.”

“There’s so many other formats that I am working on now that feel more suited to who I am today.”

“By the time I’m 45 I want to have businesses where I’m making money when I sleep.”

“If I told you that in five years’ time I’ll be the multi-millionaire owner of one of the biggest tech companies in the world, you’d tell me to shut up.”

“But five years ago, when I was still in the military, if you’d told me I’d be a TV star and best-selling author, I’d have told you to shut up.”

The author of his own book Zero Negativity: The Power of Positive Thinking speaks about his ability to live with a positive outlook on life, a mindset he attributes his success to and one that he believes will now lead him on to bigger and better things going forward in his life.

Given the nature of his past, it’s commendable that he can live a life of positivity, to have achieved so much since leaving the SBS in 2012.

It’s likely that without the shackles of network TV contracts, we’ll continue to read Ant’s very honest political and social views in the coming years, but also hopefully a long line of continued successful ventures too.

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