The multiple health benefits of Yoga & why you should do it!

Sometimes the best thing about exercise is the option of choosing not to do it! Afterall, it’s mostly getting out of breath and collapsing into a sweaty heap gasping for breath and your heart beating through your chest… where’s the fun in that?

It’s easier to watch television, be entertained, but these day’s the quality of programming means there’s absolutely no stimulation, no educational value and it’s nothing more than lazy, unproductive procrastination. Something we all do far too much of.

The thing is many people are choosing to do it and there are some really compelling reasons why!

Yoga can keep your body limber and flexible, improve strength and balance.

Yoga is not about beating records, it’s intended to be relaxing, requiring slow movements, increasing your blood flow and stimulating your muscles.

Often you’ll be in positions you’ve never been in before and building strength in parts of your body you don’t often use.

Yoga is great for your cadiovascular system and general blood oxygen circulation.

Whilst various limbs will often be elevated during Yoga, your heart begins to work harder to ensure blood flow to these limbs during your exercise.

When your heart rate increases, so does your rate of breathing, to ensure the oxygenation of the increased blood flow.

Yoga can help alleviate the pain of sciatica and general muscular pain.

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes trapped or aggravated by the pelvic bone and this is almost always attributed to bad posture or being seated for prolonged periods. As you perform Yoga exercises consistently, your body is likely to become more flexible, reversing the effects of bad posture and alleviating the pain.

Likewise for muscular pain, if you have pulled a muscle, slept funny or find that your neck hurts after having looked to the left or right for a long period of time, Yoga can help. The various Yoga positions insist that your body moves into different positions, holds those positions and pulses your body into far stretching positions and these kinds of exercises are great for muscles over time.

Yoga can help to ease the symptoms of arthritis.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine details the ways in which gentle Yoga has been found to ease the discomfort of tender and swollen joints for arthritis sufferers.

Yoga can relax you and help you to sleep better too.

A consistent Yoga routine performed just before you go to bed can help you adopt a more relaxed and care-free mindset, leading to a better nights sleep.

In turn, a great nights sleep can mean you’ll wake up feeling more energised and in a generally much better mood than you would otherwise be. This means a more optimistic outlook, more enthusiasm and a feeling of being more alert, when adopting a consistent Yoga routine.

Yoga helps you manage stress.

National Institutes of Health have published scientific evidence that Yoga supports stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and better quality sleep.

Yoga encourages self-care.

This speaks for itself. If you take the step to learn and practice Yoga, then that’s a conscious and positive step towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Now it’s your turn

The featured video is from a YouTube channel called Boho Beautiful Yoga, here you’ll find a huge selection of various other Yoga workouts, guides on Pilates, meditation and post-pregnancy workouts too.

New videos are released frequently, encouraging motivation, providing knowledge and supporting your steps in this new direction.

If you already perform Yoga, Pilates or meditation, or if you follow this video series for a few weeks and notice any differences in your behaviour, we’d love to hear any comments from you in the section

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